Out of the Abyss

Session 16: A loss to the gnolls

A party member falls, victim to a marauding hunting band of gnolls

The Party

  • Dargon, halfling sorceror, 4th level (Quinton)
  • Galdorf, half elf sorceror, 4th level (Milo)
  • Nordafrost, dwarf rogue, 3rd level (Matt)
  • Sheena, half elf rogue, 4th level (Igor)
  • Trazar, wood elf cleric, 3rd level (Arden)
  • Vermis, wood elf ranger, 3rd level (Andrew)

Day 16 after leaving Sloobludop: At an intersection, two large hook-armed creatures run across the path, fleeing from cackling and gibbering sounds in pursuit down the side passage. A group of dog-faced humanoids soon appear, shouting something the party doesn’t understand except for the name “Yeenoghu.” The party fights the creatures, with Galdorf casting Comprehend Languages so he could understand what they were cackling: “Sacrifices for Yeenoghu!” Galdorf also casts a spell that creates a thick area of fog. Magic is widely used: Galdorf casting Thunder Wave, and Melech casting Shatter, accidentally hitting a couple of his comrades. Eventually, the dog-faced humanoids are defeated.

Nordafrost falls as two of the party leave the group to explore a side passage down which the hook-armed monstrosities ran.



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