Out of the Abyss

Session 17: Unexpected wealth

A chance encounter with deep gnome traders takes a violent turn

The Party

  • Adran, half-elf sorceror, 4th level (Liam)
  • Erom, wood elf druid, 3rd level (Jonah)
  • Galdorf, half-elf sorceror, 4th level (Milo)
  • Naivara, dark elf fighter, 2nd level (Poppy)
  • Rassan, human monk, 4th level (Matt)
  • Sheena, half-elf rogue, 4th level (Igor)
  • Trazar, wood elf cleric, 3rd level (Arden)

Having struggled against the gnolls, the party decided not to track down the hook-armed monstrosities. Instead, they continued on their way to Neverlight Grove, following the lead of Jimjar.

That night, when finding a place to bed down for the night, one of the party notices the scent of some kind of gas, and Rassan’s torch sputters, before the cavern fills with burning gas, injuring the party. The group moves to another area, finding somewhere without gas, to sleep. There, they encounter a group of goblin raiders. The party defeats the raiders.

Day 17 after leaving Sloobludop: During the travel portion of the day, the party encounters a group of deep gnomes, traders, two riding atop giant lizards. They are wary of the party, which initially intends to pass by. A couple of party members ask what the traders are selling and learn that they are gem farmers. They buy a couple of small stones, and then Sheena attempts to pickpocket one using Mage Hand. That deep gnome notices, and a fight breaks out.

The adventurers slay the traders, as well as the lizards. Unlocking the lock boxes and chests carried by the lizards, the party finds a wealth of gems, almost none of which they can carry having slain the lizards.



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