Out of the Abyss

Session 22: The terrible, blight wedding

The party returns to the Garden of Welcome, where it finds new horrors

The Party

  • Bardryn Ironfist, hill dwarf cleric, 1st level (Rocio)
  • Galdorf, half-elf sorceror, 4th level (Milo)
  • Greengold, wood elf druid, 1st level (Shobha)
  • Naivara, dark elf fighter, 2nd level (Poppy)
  • Rassan, human monk, 4th level (Matt)
  • Rorth, mountain dwarf cleric, 1st level (David)
  • Sheena, half-elf rogue, 5th level (Igor)

Making their way back toward the Garden of Welcome, the party — accompanied by four myconid adults — steps beyond the stand of zurkhwoods and sees a group of myconids moving and dancing toward the giant cavern, the Circle of Masters, and the giant mushroom reaching to the ceiling. Several spore servant drow and two myconid adults notice and converge on the adventurers, attracting the attention of the horrible fungus encountered by Face earlier.

The drow, myconids, and rolling horror attack the party. Rorth is downed but revived with a potion, and the adventurers defeat the horrors. One of the myconid comrades thinks the rolling fungus has some features of a sovereign named Yestabrod. They return to the Inner Circle, where Sovereign Basidia again asks them to explore beyond the garden. The party returns, finding that the rolling fungus’ corpse has been removed — and hearing music in the distance.

Moving into the far cavern, the party and myconid comrades witnesses what seems to be a wedding ceremony or ritual, joining two myconids in an obscene marriage presided over by the corpse of the rolling fungus — moved by several other myconids like a puppet. After Araumycos and Zuggtmoy are joined in marriage, the procession moves on toward the tower.

One of the party members recognizes Zuggtmoy as the name of the Demon Queen of Fungi, Lady of Rot and Decay. The dwarves know that Araumycos — dwarvish for “great fungus” — is a legendary fungal growth believed to have caused the abandonment of dwarven mines and communities underground.

Returning to Sovereign Basidia, the party shares what is has seen. She is alarmed and begins to gather those myconids from the circles still loyal to her to leave Neverlight Grove before it is too late. The party decides to join the exodus, to follow Jimjar on to Blingdenstone — a 16-day journey — and then the surface world.

Before leaving, Sheena returns to where she’d hidden the party’s gems. She finds the hiding place disturbed, and all but eight gems gone. The party prepares to leave.


Well, as it turned out I wasn’t even allowed to have Alarm and Tenser’s Floating Disc at the same time, so losing 492 gems (minus whatever others have stolen) is only fair.


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