Out of the Abyss

Session 24: En route to Blingdenstone

Raiders, an ambush, and madness descends

The Party

  • Adran, half-elf sorceror, 4th level (Liam)
  • Bear, human barbarian/druid, 1st/1st (Alan)
  • Face, tiefling bard, 4th level (Alice)
  • Galdorf, half-elf sorceror, 5th level (Milo)
  • Green Gold, wood elf druid, 2nd level (Shobha)
  • Melech, tiefling warlock, 4th level (Chad)
  • Rassan, human monk, 4th level (Matt)
  • Sheena, half-elf rogue, 5th level (Igor)
  • Vermis, wood elf ranger, 4th level (Andrew)

Day 11 after leaving Neverlight Grove: During the travel portion of the day, the group encounters a group of orc raiders. The party defeats the orcs.

Day 14 after leaving Neverlight Grove: While traveling, the party is ambushed by a hulking umber-colored creature. They slay the umber hulk. At night, finding a campsite, the group hears horrid sounds, and several party members go mad. They then encounter a carrion crawler, which they eventually defeat.



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