Out of the Abyss

Session 23: Beyond Neverlight Grove

Leaving the myconid community, the party heads toward Blingdenstone

The Party

  • Adran, half-elf sorceror, 4th level (Liam)
  • Face, tiefling bard, 3rd level (Alice)
  • Melech, tiefling warlock, 4th level (Chad)
  • Rassan, human monk, 4th level (Matt)
  • Sheena, half-elf rogue, 5th level (Igor)
  • Vermis, wood elf ranger, 4th level (Andrew)

Led by Sovereign Basidia, two circles of myconids evacuate Neverlight Grove, concerned about the incursion of Zuggtmoy. The party joins the myconids in their exodus, returning into the Underdark led by Jimjar. Their new destination: Blingdenstone, some 16 days away.

Day One after leaving Neverlight Grove: During the travel portion of the day, the group makes its way through a large, wondrous fungus cavern. There, the party finds five sheets of ripplebark growing on the walls. Face claims two of the as trail rations.

Day Five after leaving Neverlight Grove: While traveling, the group reaches the edge of a large expanse of web, stretching for several miles in either direction, and perhaps half a mile ahead of them. There, they meet two entrepreneurial goblins, Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, who offer to lead the group across the multiple paths of web for 2 gp per person per day (or portion thereof). Sheena and Vermis are skeptical but trust the guides, who do indeed lead them safely across. Melech falls when a web snaps, but Face casts Featherfall, and he floats safely down to the next layer of web.

Day Six after leaving Neverlight Grove: Just before starting to look for a campsite for the night, the party has to traverse a narrow ledge 40’ above the ground below. Several party members fall, but Face casts Featherfall quickly, and each is easier rescued using Vermis’s rope. Upon crossing the ledge, the group runs into Sloopidoop, the kuo-toa archpriest they encountered previously. They share news and experiences, and he continues on his way.

Day Eight after leaving Neverlight Grove: During the travel portion of the day, the group comes across an area of ruins, several structures still identifiable. Looking for treasure, the party finds two trinkets: a tooth from an unknown beast that seems to be half tiger and half lion, as well as a folding fan that shows the picture of a sleeping cat. There, the adventurers are ambushed by several grick, which the party defeats. That night, before setting up camp, the group finds a drow warning sign and is attacked by two shadow demons. The group defeats the demons.

Day Nine after leaving Neverlight Grove: In the evening, the group encounters several shield dwarf commoners, recent escapees from drow slavers. With the agreement of Eldeth, the party takes them in as fellow travelers.

Day 10 after leaving Neverlight Grove: Before making camp, the group meets a surprisingly well-dressed and -spoken troglodyte who’s looking for his friends Sloopidoop and Grazilaxx, both of whom the group has met previously. Repulsed, the group lets him pass unchallenged.



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